Super Maestros

Super Maestros

Super Maestros is an online learning platform which specialises in the teaching of music theory to individuals who seek to write a graded music theory exam.

Super Maestros provide music theory lessons for the following grades



Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Our platform is a content rich environment which incorporates videos, online activities and mock exams in order to ensure that our subscribers are ready to write their music theory exams. Super Maestros recommend that its subscribers write the graded music theory exams of Trinity College but our subscribers are free to write any graded music theory exam of their choice. The advantage of writing the Trinity College exams is that these exams are internationally recognised.



Super Maestros provides its lessons and activities based on the music theory syllabus of Credo. It is therefore recommended that you purchase your Credo guides before registering with Super Maestros.