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About Us

Super Incorporated was born out of the dream and vision of an ordinary individual. An individual who discovered and developed his superpowers despite all of his personal baggage, insecurities and array of great challenges. Willie Trytsman is the founder and managing director of Super Incorporated. But Super Incorporated has more than just one superhero in its employment. The Super Incorporated team comprises of Willie Trytsman as Managing Director, Melissa Megit as Executive Assistant to Willie Trytsman, Charissa Trytsman as Human Resources Manager and Annelie Keogh as Marketing Manager.

Willie Trytsman – BA Psychology and Bachelor Psychology (B Psych – Honours in Psychology)

Willie has been registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as Registered Counsellor for a number of years. It was during this time that he identified the need for a life skills development programme for South African children from all walks of life. He was in charge of programme development for a number of well-known educational and corporate companies in South Africa and was also invited to participate in a European Union and Erasmus+ youth development programme during 2016 and 2017. He was also invited to co-author a number of academic books specifically focusing on child development and education. Willie’s extensive local, international and practical experience makes him uniquely qualified for his positions as Managing Director and Head Programme Developer for Super Incorporated.

Charissa Trytsman – BCom Human Resources Management and Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

Charissa has been awarded Golden Key Society recognition for exceptional achievement during her time at The North-West University where she completed her BCom HRM degree. Her passion for people and training was the driving factor in her decision to pursue a career in education. During her time as teacher she has achieved a pass rate of 98% which can be attributed to her dedication, knowledgeability and willingness to go the extra mile for her learners. Charissa’s theoretical and practical experience in education and human resources management makes her uniquely qualified for her positions as Human Resources Director and Assistant Programme Developer for Super Incorporated.

Annelie Keogh – National Diploma in Hospitality Service Management

Annelie has been awarded with the student of the year along with numerous other top achier awards during her studies. Annelie has always had a passion for people and to help them wherever she can. Annelie is extremely creative and has a passion for graphic designing and photography. It is possible to teach someone a skill but impossible to teach someone passion, something which Annelie has a lot of! Annelie’s exceptional designing skills and her passion makes her uniquely qualified for her positions as head graphic designer for Super Incorporated as well as assistant programme developer for Super Incorporated.